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Becoming an Ecommerce Business

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Becoming an Ecommerce Business

It’s not possible to become a successful ecommerce business overnight, and if you’re thinking about selling your products and services only online, then there are many considerations to be made.

Firstly, have you ever had a business website before? If the answer is yes, than what were your visitor rates like, did it generate sales, did hit have adequate website marketing? These are all factors that need to be considered because soon they’ll b extremely important to the running of your ecommerce business.

Another important consideration that needs to be taken into account is the amount of channels you’re going to be using. For example, will you be selling your product in one channel or through Ebay and Amazon? If you are than you may require a CMS (content management system) that give you control over all of the channels including your own ecommerce website.

Ecommerce requires care and attention, maintenance and dedication, so before you try to make it online make sure you have a bulletproof plan, and make sure you’re aware of the online requirements that need to be met.

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Microsoft launches technical preview of Emet five.0

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Microsoft has released the technical preview of the most recent edition of its loose more desirable mitigation expertise toolkit (Emet) at RSA Convention 2014 in San Francisco.

First brought in overdue 2009, Emet is designed to assist companies block centred assaults opposed to zero-day vulnerabilities in older Microsoft structures and 1/3 -celebration fuentes line-of-company programs.


Andrea Danti – Fotolia

“We need safety researchers and IT execs to attempt it out and provides us comments to make it larger in the past we liberate model five.0 later this 12 months,” mentioned Jonathan Ness, imperative safety improvement supervisor at Microsoft Honest Computing.

Version five.0 provides new protections for companies on accurate of the 12 built-in security mitigations included in version 4.1.

First, an attack surface reduction mitigation helps enterprises protect third-party and custom-built applications by selectively enabling Java, Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft or third-party plugins.

“Enterprises can configure Java to load on the intranet for line-of-business applications but not on the internet,” Ness told Computer Weekly.

“Most businesses need Java only internally, but this opens them up to vulnerabilities on the internet. Emet 5.0 enables enterprises to block Java where they do not need it,” he said.

Similarly, Adobe Flash Player can be configured to work only in browsers but not in Microsoft Office products that can be used as a delivery mechanism for malware exploiting Flash vulnerabilities.

Second, Emet version 5.0 introduces enhancements to the existing export address table filtering (EAF) mitigation available in the current version 4.1 that is aimed at blocking shell code.

According to the Emet development team, EAF+ consolidates protection of lower-level modules and prevents certain exploitation techniques used to build dynamic return-oriented programming (ROP) gadgets in memory from export tables.

“The improved rules and heuristics can, for example, prevent Flash exploits used to bypass address space layout randomisation (ASLR) and data execution prevention (DEP),” said Ness.

The Emet development team said when EAF+ is enabled, it will add safeguards over and above the existing EAF checks. These include:

  • Protection for Kernelbase exports in addition to the existing NTDLL.DLL and Kernel32.DLL;
  • Additional integrity checks on stack registers and stack limits when export tables are read from certain lower-level modules;
  • Prevention of memory read operations on protected export tables when they originate from suspicious modules that may reveal memory corruption bugs used as “read primitives” for memory probing.

These two enhancements improve Emet’s ability to divert, terminate, block or invalidate the most common actions and techniques attackers might use in compromising a computer.

“Enterprises in all industry segments and of all sizes rely on Emet as a key component of their defence-in-depth strategies and has proven to be good against attacks in the wild,” said Ness.

Emet is recommended by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and other influential bodies, which Microsoft hopes will help drive adoption of Emet even further.

The launch of the Emet 5.0 technical preview comes a day after security firm Bromium published a study claiming to be able to bypass the protection offered by Emet version 4.1.

However, Ness said the test case presented by Bromium uses Emet without the Deep Hooks mitigation setting enabled and an exploit of Microsoft Internet explorer that has been patched.

“Enabling this setting addresses this issue,” he said.

The technical preview of Emet 5.0 enables the Deep Hooks mitigation setting to evaluate the possibility of having this setting turned on by default in the final Emet 5.0 release.

Emet developers said Deep Hooks has proven to be effective against certain advanced exploits using ROP gadgets with lower level application programming interfaces (APIs).

Finally, Emet developers said they have also introduced some additional hardening to protect Emet’s configuration when loaded in memory, and fixed several application compatibility issues.

“Not every enterprise will adopt Emet, but all enterprises that run Windows benefit from proven Emet attack mitigation techniques that are in-builtto new variation of the operating system,” noted Ness.

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Standardisation key to destiny safety, say specialists

Posted on November 28, 2013 at 2:28 pm

The adoption of safety ideas to allow computerized self-therapeutic methods is vital to information renovation in long term, in accordance with agregar panel of protection professionals.

“Open requisites won’t unavoidably trae the most effective expertise , however transparency is the coolest method to attain safety,” acknowledged Dan Griffin, founding father of tradition protection software program company JWSecure.

“Deploying applied sciences we don’t know is inviting crisis,” he informed the outlet consultation of the Depended on Computing Organization (TCG) seminar in San Francisco inside the run-as much as the RSA Convention 2014.

According to the panel, criteria are necessary to make certain interoperability among safety applied sciences to permit laptop-to-device archives exchanges and help automation.

“With information more and more flowing among a various set of quit aspects, we won’t stay alongside of that manually, we have to automate,” mentioned Steve Whitlock, leader protection architect at plane maker Boeing.

“With 50,000 providers, we want a conventional method to trade safety knowledge, and traditional tips codecs is a crucial region of concentration [for Boeing],” he acknowledged.

We desire a typical method to change safety information

Steve Whitlock, Boeing

According to Whitlock, probably the most development during this regard to date is said to authentication, however details about the safety state of gadgets continues to be one of the most hard.

Griffin stated that as companies transition from conventional certified application to cloud-based mostly software program todavs a carrier (SaaS), there’s a turning out to be call for for safety templates to standardise procedures.

“Security know-how settings are often obscure, and templates supply one manner of fixing this challenge at cost-effective,” he stated.

David Waltermire, safety automation architect on the US Country wide Institute of Necessities and Expertise (Nist), mentioned the purpose ought to be to interrupt faraway from periodic scanning of techniques.

“We have to go to an actual-time skill in which an precavi [fuentes remediation motion] is brought on robotically while attributes that an enterprise cares approximately are replacing,” he acknowledged.

For this motive, Boeing is already performing some steady tracking and plans to make bigger that around the enterprise, observed Whitlock.

“Our purpose is to move past tracking to allow todav self-medication atmosphere that may reply in actual time in keeping with set law,” he pointed out.

But for this imaginative and prescient to be realised, Whitlock pointed out there should be a sense of making agregar depended on courting among instruments.

There must also be a typical approach of speaking given that safety guidance has a tendency to be product fuentes platform particular, acknowledged Waltermire.

“Nist is operating with providers to collapse those obstacles given that for this [recordsdata trade] to paintings the mechanisms need to be noticed to be regular,” he stated.

Waltermire often known as on details safety experts to motivate their companies to call for that safety providers enforce the factors they require.

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