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Business applications to make life easier

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 10:10 pm

Most business applications are designed to streamline processes and generally make things easier and there are some that every business should have:-

  • Shift trackers – this software logs when staff boot up their system to start work, this means that if aware of the tracker staff are much more likely to get logged on and start work without the usual procrastination of making drinks and having a chat that seems to dominate most offices each morning.
  • CRM systems – this is a customer relationship management system and is used across a company to log any contact had with a client, be it a phone call, email or written correspondence. It’s essential to ensure that communication is strong between staff and for clients to feel that they are not passed from pillar to post with each call.
  • Intelligent phone systems – These can take calls during working hours, re-direct calls if status is set to out of office and can trigger specific shared voicemails for different department’s access. A real must-have in a large office.

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Should you portray your company as a small or family run business?

Posted on November 27, 2014 at 9:59 am

Many family run businesses have to decide if they want to use that as a selling tool for their company or not. Some companies decide that they do not necessarily want their customers to know that they are small and only have a few employees, thinking that customers may be put off and assume that the company will not be able to deal with their requests quick enough. This can be the case but is not always and often customers or other businesses would rather work with smaller companies as they feel that they get a better more personal level of service and that their customer is actually valued rather than being just another sale.
Deciding which is right for you can be achieved by carrying out some market research and looking what your competition is like.
I personally do not think it is a good idea to make your company look a lot larger than it really is as this could be seen as being dishonest and may actually lose you business.

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Microsoft holding back on Windows 10 release

Posted on October 13, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Microsoft have been working on a new OS software version, Windows 10. Windows 10 has been designed with businesses at the fore front and although contains some useful updates for individual personal users, businesses will find that there is a lot of improvements that will help them in their business environment.

There was a demonstration held for the new Windows 10 OS, but only selected people were invited and it was discussed under the name “Silver”. With the Christmas period fast approaching it seems that Microsoft are not wanting to push this new operating system release just yet. If they market Windows 10 in a big way, then many consumers may hold off buying a PC / Laptop until the latest version has been released. This could drastically affect their sales figures approaching December.

With word of the new release already slowly trickling out, I don’t think it will be long before it hits the main headlines and consumers then have the choice to make their own minds up as to whether to wait.

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CRM software for small businesses

Posted on September 28, 2014 at 10:48 pm

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) is a package that allows you to record and store customer and /or supplies details. These systems can vary substantially in not only price but the amount of information you can put in and get out of them.

If you run a small business, it may be that you do not require the larger CRM software programmes such as ACT! (part of Sage Accounting), but do need something to keep track of your clients.

Firstly you need to compile a list of information that you either hold on your customers or could obtain quite easily. Next you should detail all the things you currently want to achieve from the marketing software (e.g. sending out email newsletters or mail shots) and may want to in the future. This will give you a basis to start from; you can then start to look around at the different software and packages available to find out which one will suit you and your company.

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Marketing a business that is solely online

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 8:58 pm

There are many types of companies these days that do not have a premises that customers can visit and their business is ran solely online. For these types of companies, marketing can be even more important as you have to gain the trust from the buyer as they cannot see a product or discuss a service in person.

There are many advantages to running a business this way, the main one being less overheads, but you do need to invest a bit more in to building your brand and marketing. Social media sites will be of great importance, as this is where people tend to go to talk about the service they have received off a company, whether it is good or bad. You will need to ensure that the website marketing on page and off page is of a very high quality as you may be relying on being found through the search engines.

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