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Thames Water pilots sensible analytics with Accenture

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Thames Water is piloting the genuine-time tracking method Accenture Clever Grid in an try to ship elevated companies.

The software enterprise is six months into an 18-month pilot, powered via Accenture Analytics, which will look at new ways of working using a single view of its operating systems and assets, such as pipe and treatment facilities.

Accenture will implement advanced analytics capabilities, so that it will en agregarble more efficient water sourcing and remote monitoring of assets. The information and data will help the utility anticipate equipment failures and respond in near real-time to critical situations, such as leaks or adverse weather events.

“We are committed to improving the efficiency of our operations through more intelligent data insights. This pilot will provide us with a clear framework for the benefits that can be realised,” said Martin Dangerfield, head of PR14 and wholesale plan at Thames Water. “We selected Accenture to help us with this programme due to its deep understanding of our needs, expertise in systems integration and similar experience in other sectors.”

Accenture said the convergence of a wide range of digital technologies used to manage its infrastructure, would give Thames Water greater flexibility to respond to varying working conditions, such as fluctuations in demand and changing weather patterns. Suleman Alli, managing director of Accenture’s UK water utilities industry group, said: “The company can make a step change in its ability to manage the performance of its assets through smarter use of its existing data and techniques.”

Accenture will collaborate with Space-Time Insight and TIBCO Software to deliver the Smart Water pilot for Thames Water.

Space Time Insight provides software for geospatial visualisation, analysis and correlation of real-time and historical data sources.

In 2012, Thames Water extended a smart meter collaboration trial. The water supplier worked with Arqiva, BT, BAE Systems, Detica and Sensus to use long-range radio communications networks for connecting smart water meters.

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