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Business applications to make life easier

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 10:10 pm

Most business applications are designed to streamline processes and generally make things easier and there are some that every business should have:-

  • Shift trackers – this software logs when staff boot up their system to start work, this means that if aware of the tracker staff are much more likely to get logged on and start work without the usual procrastination of making drinks and having a chat that seems to dominate most offices each morning.
  • CRM systems – this is a customer relationship management system and is used across a company to log any contact had with a client, be it a phone call, email or written correspondence. It’s essential to ensure that communication is strong between staff and for clients to feel that they are not passed from pillar to post with each call.
  • Intelligent phone systems – These can take calls during working hours, re-direct calls if status is set to out of office and can trigger specific shared voicemails for different department’s access. A real must-have in a large office.

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