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Posted on December 8, 2015 at 11:16 pm

If you use social media software for your business then you are probably aware of how time consuming it can be. Firstly you need to create separate profiles on all the social media sites (and you may even need more than one if you want to do it via department for example). Once you have set all the accounts up you will then need to log in to them individually to post status updates, photos / videos or to reply to comments etc.

There are some great social media software packages that allow you to do this all under one roof. You can log in and create posts and chose when and where to publish it to. It could be that you want it n Facebook and Twitter for example, and want to schedule it for the following day.

Many of these software applications charge a monthly fee for the use of their system, but be sure to check how long you are tied in for and always try and get a free trial of the software before agreeing to purchase it.

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