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Buying a Mac for your design work

Posted on February 17, 2016 at 9:22 pm

Macs are predominantly the best for design work. Apple Macs are renowned for their design features and easy use when it comes to creating visuals, business cards, posters or any on or offline designs.

Often the only reason a web designer does not use an Apple Mac for their design work is due to cost. For a middle of the range new Apple Mac you will be looking to spend in excess of £1000, and although they are good, the price tag is often out of the reach for some designers.

There are many other ways to get your hands on a cheaper Mac. You can opt to buy a second hand one for a few hundred pounds but be aware that you may not have any warranty unless you purchase one from a shop or that states it is covered under warranty.

Leasing is becoming very popular amongst Mac users, allowing you to have the newest model for a relatively low weekly cost. As with many leasing plans, you may have the option to upgrade to the newer model in a couple of years or even to make a small payment and keep the equipment.

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