A job title you probably would not have heard of a decade ago is a social media manager, but nowadays they are quite common. A social media manager takes responsibility for your business’s pages, accounts or profiles and posts relevant and interesting information while helping to spread the word about your business and increase the number of people following or liking the information.

If you employ a good social media manager you can expect the work to be of a professional quality with accurate spellings and information. The information that is shared should be factual and relevant, as otherwise, it could give your business a bad name or reputation. Any complaints or queries directed to the accounts should be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner – many big businesses have hit the headlines in recent years for particularly witty responses, and going viral is a brilliant way of having your information reach a greater number of people.

A social media manager may take on the work for you permanently or may set you up a system that means you can do it yourself with as little hassle or confusion as possible. It depends upon your budget as to which is the best option, but being able to meet with a social media manager and get a feel for what they do may be beneficial.