Different time management software packages have been around for decades. They can often help with allowing you to schedule in certain time to complete tasks that need to be done and plan your working day. Some of these time management packages allow you to add a lot of detail and link to clients, schedule t other members of staff and update once the job is complete. It is easy to get carried away and spend far too much time on management software which actually adds to your initial problem. It is important to ensure that you get the balance right and use the software correctly.
It may be that you simply want a do to list which you can allocate deadlines and times to, which will allow you to see what you can get completed within your day or week. If you are a manager then you may want to use it to see how productive your members of staff are. You can allocate jobs to them and see how quickly they complete them. You can then try and find ways of improving productivity or managing workloads for employees that work slower.