In an increasingly technological age, the idea of keeping all your data in a server room on site is fast becoming outdated. The old school of thinking would claim that nothing is as secure as keeping your data within your physical walls, given the hard-wired nature of it’s access, but if you’ve ever had to plan for disaster contingencies, you’ll know that it comes with downsides too.

Physical ownership of your server technology leaves you liable for it’s maintenance and physical security, as well as it’s cyber security. That in itself is a cost and a time demand, before you even consider the aftermath – if you had a physical security event, such as a fire or a flood, your data could readily easily be destroyed and that’s likely to bring business operations to a grinding halt.

It’s therefore essential to have some form of off-site backup anyway, and if you need easy and ready scalability, the Cloud becomes an ever more attractive option; your data is stored securely in multiple across a number of secure sites, and within the EU you can be certain that they meet the most stringent of cyber-security threats – now well beyond what you’d be capable of defending against yourself.