Windows are rolling out their new software and software updates quicker than they ever have done previously, but this does come with its own issues. It appears that sometimes the software they release has not been tested thoroughly and therefore causes many issues for users especially in the early days. Microsoft are by no means the only company to be guilty of this with Apple often doing a similar thing.

Windows 10 is now out and with free updates from Windows 7 and 8 allowed, many users have already upgraded to the supposed new and improved platform. I recently upgraded my own laptop but very quickly took advantage of the roll back to previous version that was available.

Unfortunately it appeared that there were still far too many bugs that needed to be ironed out in the software to allow it to function properly and with certain software not being compatible just caused more issues than I could cope with. Hopefully over the coming months these will be fixed, but for now, I for one am staying put.