So your website is up, you have your social media accounts, but now your website marketing partner has asked you to create a separate blog. But remember, a blog is not a website, and though it should enhance your brand identity, you do have more freedom, especially in terms of design.

Blogs are similar to social media networks, they provide businesses with a platform to engage with their target audience, and they can be created with a bit more fun. A blog can become the home to all of your social media network posts, videos and images. You can create galleries, portfolios, spate blog posts, and create a contact page with links to all of your channels, including your main website.

Though blogs can be less formal than your main website, it is important to choose a fitting blog design, one that focuses on the needs of your customers. You may want to use a blog as an additional sales platform, and by the design may partly want to focus on your products and services. Whatever blog design you go for, recognize you may have more freedom, but you should still understand its purpose and your blog should show this.