Having a responsive website design has always been important, but now it is a top priority. Why is that? There are lots of different reasons, all of which are equally important and mean that your website will be held back if it isn’t mobile-friendly. If you are having a new website designed, it’s so important that you make it fully responsive. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Good user experience. People who are searching using devices like tablets and smartphones will be able to enjoy the same user experience as someone using a tablet or desktop computer. This is essential – you want to ensure that all of your customers come away from your website feeling positive about it, having found everything they want.
  • Mobile search is on the up. The number of searches carried out on mobile devices is always increasing. You need to make sure that your website can be used by this enormous section of the market.
  • People want to search anywhere, at any time. We are now used to living in a society where we can access the internet at all times. People won’t wait. If they want to search for something on the go, they will. Make sure that if these people come across your website, they will be able to navigate it simply.
  • It will save you having to change your website so dramatically in the future. Responsive design will help ensure your website’s longevity, keeping it modern and relevant to today’s consumers.
  • You can achieve more sales. People who like your website and find it easy to use are much more likely to spend money on it. If they find what they’re looking for quickly and you present yourself as a reputable brand, you are going to achieve conversions.